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Communication Skills for Success

Essential Instructor Communication Skills

How You Will Benefit

Who Should Attend

Instructors, trainers, professors, teachers, and other professionals involved in teaching and training

What You Will Learn


Three hours offered at the client’s premises

The success of an instructor depends on three factors: knowledge of the subject matter being taught, application of successful teaching and pedagogical methods, and use of effective instructional communication. This training workshop focuses on effective instructional communication, specifically nonverbal and verbal instructor behaviors.

Numerous studies and surveys have shown that instructors can significantly enhance their students' attitudes and learning outcomes by exhibiting certain communication behaviors. This workshop teaches you the latest and most essential nonverbal and verbal communication skills to maximize your effectiveness in the classroom. You will also discover successful online instructor communication practices for emails and blogs. By putting these techniques to use, you will delight your students, enrich their learning experience, and bolster their enthusiasm for you as an instructor and for what you teach.

A compilation of tens of authoritative studies has shown that by applying the communication skills of this workshop, you can improve your students' learning by more than 10% and increase their satisfaction by about 50%. The workshop is highly interactive; attendees will participate in many in-class individual and group practice exercises to master the skills.