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Communication Skills for Success

Essential Technical Presentation Skills

How You Will Benefit

Who Should Attend

Professionals in the technology industry who give presentations about technology to small groups or large audiences, and who wish to develop their presentation and public speaking skills, including:

What You Will Learn


Four half-day sessions offered at the client’s premises

Exercises, Speeches, Video Recording, and Personalized Feedback

Attendees will participate in many in-class individual and group exercises. Each attendee will present multiple times during the course. Speeches will be recorded, and each attendee will later receive her or his recorded speeches to observe, learn from, and gauge progress. The instructor will provide personalized feedback and suggestions.

As a professional in the technology field, you are often called on to make presentations or deliver speeches involving technology, such as to introduce new products, make technical sales presentations, convince customers, secure funding, explain technical designs, present a conference paper, or garner support and excitement for new strategies. This comprehensive training course is designed specifically for presentations in the technology industry, based on our unique training methodology. It equips you with the latest techniques and most proven practices to develop and deliver stellar presentations to accomplish your goals most effectively. You will gain a valuable business and leadership competency, communicate more clearly, earn more respect and recognition, and advance your career. Your technology presentations will stand out from everyone else's, giving you a staggering advantage. Due to the nature of their content, technology presentations are often dry and lifeless; this workshop will change that forever. After this course, you will enjoy rewarding presentation and public speaking experiences, instead of dreading them.

This course is designed and taught by technology professionals who have education and experience in communication, public speaking, engineering, and technical marketing and sales, coupled with extensive teaching expertise. Your instructor will understand the nuances of creating persuasive and informative presentations about technical topics such as ASIC, C++, database, data networking, data storage, embedded systems, FPGA, JAVA, operating systems, etc.