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Communication Skills for Success

Communication Training and Coaching

Peak Presenter offers communication training and coaching, specializing in:

Business Communication Skills Training

We provide nonverbal communication and presentation skills and public speaking training. Surveys show that nonverbal communication and presentation skills enhance credibility, self-confidence, persuasiveness, and career advancement, among other great benefits. Research has also shown that nonverbal and presentation skills can be learned and can be significantly improved with training. We offer nonverbal communication, informative, persuasive, and visual presentation training to maximize effectiveness and success opportunities.

Courtroom Nonverbal Communication Training for Attorneys and Expert Witnesses

We provide nonverbal communication training to attorneys and expert witnesses for use in courtrooms, depositions, and other legal settings. Studies have shown that by utilizing effective nonverbal communication, attorneys and expert witnesses can substantially enhance their credibility and persuasiveness with judges and jurors.

Instructional Communication Training for Instructors and Teachers

We provide nonverbal and verbal communication training to instructors and teachers for use in their seminars and classrooms. Studies have shown that by applying the communication skills we teach, you can improve your students' learning by more than 10% and increase their satisfaction by about 50%. Adjustments in nonverbal communication style can radically transform the classroom experience.