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Communication Skills for Success

What You Will Learn


Three hours offered at the client’s premises

The workshop is highly interactive; attendees will participate in many in-class individual and group practice exercises to master the skills.

Nonverbal Communication for Expert Witnesses

Studies show that witnesses' nonverbal communication behaviors have significant impact in the courtroom. Research has demonstrated that jurors' perceptions of expert witnesses and witnesses' testimonies are directly and significantly influenced by the witnesses' nonverbal behaviors. Jurors, judges, attorneys, and court officers find expert witnesses with effective nonverbal communication more credible, more believable, more competent, more accurate, more confident, more certain, more persuasive. Furthermore, jurors form impressions about witnesses within the first minute or even less, based almost entirely on nonverbal cues. However, most expert witnesses are not trained in nonverbal communication and many are unaware of their nonverbal messages and their effect on others in the courtroom. Research has also confirmed that nonverbal communication skills can be taught and that such training is beneficial to expert witnesses. Nonverbal communication training is an integral component of witness preparation, which, in turn, is vital to the success of testimonies.

This workshop arms you with indispensable nonverbal communication techniques, turning your nonverbal communication into a formidable weapon for winning cases. By applying the nonverbal communication skills of this workshop, you can alter jurors' and judges' perceptions of your competence, confidence, and trustworthiness. The workshop will heighten your awareness of the importance of nonverbal communication in the courtroom and during depositions and will intensify your mastery of effective nonverbal behaviors, including body language and voice aspects such as vocal variety, eye contact, body orientation, posture, and gestures. These skills are pivotal during depositions, cross examinations, and other courtroom settings.

How You Will Benefit

Who Should Attend

Testifying expert witnesses