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Communication Skills for Success

Nonverbal Communication for Instructors

How You Will Benefit

Who Should Attend

Instructors, trainers, professors, teachers, and other professionals involved in teaching and training

What You Will Learn


Two hours offered at the client’s premises

Studies show that an instructor's nonverbal communication behaviors have significant impact in the classroom. By applying the nonverbal communication skills of this workshop, you can improve your students' learning by about 15% and boost their motivation and attitudes by about 50%, including their participation as well as their perception of your likability, competence, character, trustworthiness, and approachability; this is based on a compilation of 80 authoritative studies. Surveys find that more than 40% of students rank rapport as one of the top qualities of excellent teaching; yet only 25% of students experience rapport with their instructors. Fortunately, research has demonstrated that nonverbal communication skills can be taught and that such training is beneficial to the instructors and their students.

This training workshop focuses on effective instructor nonverbal communication behaviors. Using the skills acquired in this workshop, you can significantly enhance your students' attitudes and learning outcomes, as well as their perceptions of you. The workshop will heighten your awareness of and intensify your mastery of effective nonverbal behaviors, including body language and voice aspects such as vocal variety, eye contact, smiling, body orientation, posture, gestures, movement, and others. The workshop is highly interactive; attendees will participate in many in-class individual and group practice exercises to master the skills.